What is the wellness benefit and how can I use it?

The wellness benefit is a way to encourage healthy lifestyles and allow our employees to enjoy the benefits of massage.

You will qualify for your wellness benefit based on working an average of 10 hours per week in the previous month (40 hours total). For example if you work 40 hours in May, you qualify to use your wellness benefit in June.

You can schedule one 60 minute massage from one of the team of Incorporate Massage therapists, or receive a $60 wellness reimbursement that can be used toward a massage or other health related activity. You will need to submit your reimbursement form, and a copy of the receipt, before the last day of the month.

How To Redeem Your Massage

  • Notify the staffing team by texting 801-441-0832 that you have worked 40 hours and would like to schedule your massage.
  • The staffing team work to verify your hours and get the approval needed.
  • You will be contacted to arrange a massage date and time.
  • If none of our therapists are available, or if you prefer, you can schedule a massage with a person of your choosing and submit the receipt for reimbursement up to $60.

Approved Items for Reimbursement:

  • gym memberships
  • fitness classes
  • chiropractor visits
  • race fees
  • massage
  • medical co-pays
  • prescriptions
  • nutrition services
  • weight management/weight loss program fees

How to Redeem Your Reimbursement