How do I cancel a shift I accepted?

We expect you to show up on time and ready to work for every shift you accept, but sometimes the unexpected happens.

We hope you will never need to cancel a shift you have accepted. However, we understand that there are occasional problems or life emergencies. If you have an emergency and need to cancel a shift you have accepted, immediately reach out to the staffing team via phone/text: 800-693-9636 or email: Only a member of the staffing team can remove you from an event.

The staffing team will help you find someone to cover your shift, but you are expected to help. You may reach out to other therapists over your regional slack channel, or find a replacement to hire by forwarding their name and contact information to Please copy our staffing team at You may receive a $50 referral bonus after that person is hired and works their first event shift with us.

If you cancel your shift with less than 3 day's notice, we don't have enough time to refill the position. Late cancellations will be issued a warning. Should the problem continue, it will affect your standing with the company.