Why was I removed from a shift I accepted?

The shift details have changed.

Clients often make changes to their event details resulting in changes to the shifts and/or the assigned therapists. When these changes occur, we try to accommodate the client and this sometimes means that we have to remove a therapist who has already accepted a shift.

The three most common changes are:

  1. The client indicates a gender preference. Even though we ask before the event is booked, the client will sometimes wait to let us know that they prefer one gender over another or want a mix of both male and female therapists.
  2. The client changes the number of therapists wanted for a particular event. Reducing the number of therapists means that the last one who accepted the job will usually be removed.
  3. The date or time of the event is changed. We try to reach out in advance to see if you can still work the shift at the new day or time. If we don't get a response, you will be removed from the shift and it will be restaffed. 

If you are removed from a shift for any reason, the staffing team will contact you to let you know that you are being removed and provide a reason. If you get a notice saying you were removed from a shift, but have not heard from us explaining why, please text the staffing team at 800-693-9636.