I got an email saying my support ticket was closed, but my question wasn't answered. What do I do now?

First, check your junk folder.

When you send an email to our support team, a work order called a ticket is created with all of the details of your request included. The support team responds to those tickets and answers your questions or helps resolve any problem you are having. When the issue is resolved the ticket is closed and you will receive an email saying your support ticket was closed and asking for feedback on your experience.

If you receive the email stating that your ticket was closed, but you did not receive any other support, check your spam or junk folder first to make sure the reply was not improperly identified as junk. The responses come from two different email addresses so it is possible to receive one and not the other. If there is not an email, please email support@incorporatemassage.com and let us know that your ticket was closed without the issue being resolved. We are consistently working to improve our service levels and this will help us identify and repair any problems in our processes.

Please remember, every time you make a separate request a new support ticket is made. If you send multiple requests for the same issue it may delay our response.